Want to join a band, GET ON STAGE and PLAY songs You'll LOVE?


Our bands help students understand and practice the art of collaboration, teamwork, and discipline. Through small group rehearsals, students sharpen their “band” skills to prepare for live performances and to become more mature musicians.

Students work with other young musicians and learn how to manage a rehearsal, communicate clearly, listen more effectively, and to inspire others through performances. These 60-minute weekly rehearsals help students utilize their existing musical skills, stretch them as performers, and prepare for a live show with their bandmates.  


REHEARSALS are LED by professional musicians. STUDENTS LEARN the details of playing in a band:

-What equipment is needed

-Practicing individually to prepare for rehearsal

-How to set up instruments

-Working with bandmates

-How to rehearse with a band

The focus of the class is to have fun, enjoy community, and grow as a musician and performer.  For any student who is passionate about performing live, this class will help build confidence and provide skills necessary to be successful and enjoy the world of live music!



*Students must be enrolled in lessons and be proficient on her/his instrument.