Guitar SetUP

What is a guitar setup? As the weather changes from season to season, changes in humidity and temperature affect the shape of the guitar. Although this happens on a very small scale, it dramatically affects the way a guitar is played.

A “guitar setup” is a series of adjustments that allow for perfect playability. We recommend setting up your guitar once or twice a year.

This service includes:

  • Balancing the tremolo

  • Adjusting action

  • Setting intonation

  • Checking electronics

  • Adjusting pickups

  • Detail and cleaning

  • Diagnosing the guitar

  • Cleaning the fretboard

  • Tightening hardware

  • Restringing

  • Adjusting the nut slots

  • Truss rod adjustment

Price for Guitar Setup

Acoustic: $45 + Strings

Electric: $50 + Strings

Bass: $50 + Strings 


Acoustic/Electric/Bass: $20 + strings

Classical Guitar: $20 + strings

Includes fretboard cleaning, string-stretching, tuning, and polish.


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