Ukulele Teacher Chicago


Jarrett Donoghue is a Chicago-based guitarist, vocalist and music teacher currently performing with Uncle Jesse & the Rippers, Of Evermore: The Music of Led Zeppelin, and Who Knew, playing a wide variety of jazz, blues, rock, metal, country and funk originals and covers. 

At Loyola University Chicago, Jarrett spent 6 semesters with the Loyola Jazz Band under the direction of Scott Burns, in addition to time with chamber ensembles and small jazz groups. His college studies also focused on music theory, jazz history and jazz improvisation.

He’s previously played with members of both the Chicago and Detroit music scenes, including Anthony Molinaro, Matt Ulery, Fareed Haque, Mark Hague, Ari Teitel, Jamie Dull, Kelli Ann Lotrich, Kyle Asche, and bands Mr. Blotto, The Dropper, Sea Lords and The Ewing Theory. He was also featured by the Detroit Free Press in 2009 as a “Best Upcoming Artist.” Jarrett is currently in his 3rd year with UpBeat teaching guitar, piano and ukulele.