Mission Statement

UpBeat Music and Arts inspires and mentors through the arts to help youth reach their full potential.


To provide all Chicago-area youth the opportunity to experience and be inspired through the arts.


Core Values

Equality / Compassion / Excellence / Community / Creativity



All youth should have the opportunity to learn and grow. We are excited about developing relationships and providing students a music education and mentoring, regardless of financial background or ethnicity. UpBeat works to keep music classes financially accessible and provide scholarship opportunities for those that may not have the resources.


Creating excellence requires attention to detail, discipline, and focus. We aim to provide a top-notch music education through thoughtful curriculum, talented teachers, and an open mind. We strive to do our best in everything we do–training, parent interaction, teaching, mentoring, and running an efficient organization that is passionate about inspiring youth.


We want to understand each other and make peoples’ lives better. Above all at UpBeat, we connect with our students, parents, and supporters by showing kindness, being honest, and demonstrating compassion towards each other. Music is important, but treating each other with love and respect is first.


Our youth are the world’s most valuable asset and our responsibility is to build a community that supports and inspires them. We are partnering with schools, local organizations, parents, other non-profits, and businesses to help ensure that all youth are cared for.


While we approach our operations from an efficiency perspective, the arts provide unlimited possibilities and a most powerful conduit to communicate.  We are continually exploring new ways of teaching and providing creative outlets for our students.