UpBeat offers private lessons for students preferring more one-on-one interaction. 

Lessons include piano, guitar, voice, drums, bass, ukulele and violin.

Students learn to play a variety of styles from rock and pop to classical and jazz. Our goal is to create an inspirational and supportive environment where students are challenged, excited and inspired through music.


$28/30 Minute Lesson

$38/*45 Minute Lesson


*Recommended for more advanced students and/or teens.


Private Lessons: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin

In addition to playing fun and challenging songs, students learn proper technique, music theory, ear training, and develop a strong musical foundation (reading music, scales, chords). 

Access to an instrument will be required for at-home practice. Our staff can help pick the right one.

Private Voice Lessons

Students will learn to understand and use the voice as an instrument. Having fun and gaining confidence is our goal! Through warm-ups, exercises, and songs, students are introduced to techniques that will help produce relaxed and powerful sound and tone.

Private Drum Lessons

Great drummers have developed the ears and heart to listen deeply and give to the music what it needs. They also have mastered the skills to play whatever the music requires. At UpBeat, we focus on building complete musicians. Our drum lessons aim not only to teach you the skills you need perform well on drums, but also to have a deep appreciation for the discipline and heart it takes to make great music.

Access to a drum pad will be required for at-home practice. Our staff can help pick the right one.